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Information about Enizon, s.r.o.

Legal information

Company name Enizon, s.r.o. [1]
Identification number (IČO) 45566500
VAT ID SK 2023040437 [2]
Legal form Company with limited liability
Capital 5000 EUR
Management body managers
Acting in the name of the company On behalf of each of the managers of the company takes place separately.
Date of entry 28.05.2010


the Managing Director of Karol Velič
the Managing Director of Igor Velič

Contact information

Contact company: Enizon, s.r.o.

Registered seat

Rosina 140, 013 22


Company does not have registered any Slovak top level domain.

Objects of the company

Trade registry

Activities of the company are available at the trade registry website.

Licensing register

From 28.5.2010: Purchase of goods for the purpose of sale to the final consumer (retail) or another operator trade (wholesale)

From 28.5.2010: Computer services

From 28.5.2010: Services related to computer processing of data

From 28.5.2010: Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences

From 28.5.2010: The implementation of extracurricular educational activities

From 28.5.2010: Brokerage activity in the field of trade

From 28.5.2010: Brokerage services

From 28.5.2010: Advertising and marketing services

From 28.5.2010: Photographic services

From 28.5.2010: Services related to the production of films or videos

From 28.5.2010: Publishing activity

From 28.5.2010: Market research and public opinion

From 28.5.2010: Rental properties associated with the provision of other than basic services connected with lettings

From 28.5.2010: Lease of movable property

From 28.5.2010: Administrative services

From 28.5.2010: Bookkeeping

From 28.5.2010: Organisation of cultural and other social events

From 28.5.2010: The implementation of structures and their changes

From 28.5.2010: Freight road transport performed by vehicles with a total weight up to 3,5 t including trailer

From 28.5.2010: Maintenance of motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts without affecting the

From 28.5.2010: Placement and maintenance of signage and installation of traffic signs

From 28.5.2010: Moving services

From 28.5.2010: Storage

From 28.5.2010: Cleaning and janitorial services

From 28.5.2010: The provision of services for family and household

From 28.5.2010: Informative testing, measurement, analysis, and control

From 28.5.2010: Irregular road passenger transport by road passenger vehicles, which are in addition to the driver more than 8 seats


L.68.20: Renting and operating of own or leased real estate [3]


70200: Letting of own property

Other sources and links

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