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Information about Accor-Pannonia Slovakia, s.r.o.

Legal information

Company name Accor-Pannonia Slovakia, s.r.o. [1]
Identification number (IČO) 35846160
VAT ID SK 2020288699 [2]
Legal form Company with limited liability
Capital 2904965 EUR
Management body managers
Acting in the name of the company The Manager is authorized to act and sign on behalf of the company itself, and the signs that accompanied its signature to the written or printed to the menu.
Date of entry 29.10.2002


the Managing Director of Balázs Kormány
the Managing Director of Laurent Antoine Philippe Clavilier
the Managing Director of Gábor Gyula Horváth
President and Chief Executive Officer Karim Maurice Boutemine
the Managing Director of Stéfan Michael Alexandre Potocki
the Managing Director of Dominik Andrzej Soltysik

Contact information

Contact company: Accor-Pannonia Slovakia, s.r.o.

Registered seat

Zámocká 38, 811 01 Bratislava




SK-NIC identifier is PANN-0005. [3]

Objects of the company

Trade registry

Activities of the company are available at the trade registry website.

Licensing register

From 29.10.2002: Brokerage activity in scope of free trade

From 29.10.2002: Rental of industrial and consumer goods

From 29.10.2002: Renting of machinery, devices and equipment

From 29.10.2002: Lease of motor vehicles

From 29.10.2002: Advertising and promotional activities

From 29.10.2002: The operation used to recondition and regeneration

From 17.3.2003: Pohostinská activity, in the establishment at Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Zámocká 3 (Zrušená dňom 7. 7. 2009)

From 14.4.2010: Organisation of conferences

From 14.4.2010: Organisation of cultural and other social events

From 14.4.2010: Rental properties associated with the provision of other than basic services connected with lettings

From 29.10.2002: Purchase of goods for the purposes of its sales to other operators (wholesale) business

From 29.10.2002: Purchase of goods for the purpose of sale to the final consumer (retail)

From 17.3.2003: Accommodation services in accommodation facilities with the operation of the activities in these devices the hospitality, in the establishment at Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Zámocká 3 (Zrušená dňom 7. 7. 2009)


I.55.10: Hotels and similar accommodation [4]


55100: Hotels

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