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Information about ADA I. spol. s r.o.

Legal information

Company name ADA I. spol. s r.o. [1]
Identification number (IČO) 31328211
VAT ID SK 2020296894 [2]
Legal form Company with limited liability
Capital 6638 EUR
Management body the Managing Director of
Acting in the name of the company On behalf of the company and shall be signed by the Managing Director takes place separately.
Date of entry 15.07.1992

The Managing Director of

managers Natália Ferenčíková

Contact information

Contact company: ADA I. spol. s r.o.

Registered seat

Beblavého 10, 811 01 Bratislava




  • +421254415277


  • +421254415277


Company does not have registered any Slovak top level domain.

Objects of the company

Trade registry

Activities of the company are available at the trade registry website.

Licensing register

From 15.7.1992: Brokering

From 15.7.1992: The purchase, the sale of goods in the extent of free trade

From 15.7.1992: Design, implementation and sale of Interior Accessories and equipment

From 21.6.2010: Exchange and placement of Windows, shouldering the sills without modifying the building openings

From 21.6.2010: Reinforcing work (access roads, sidewalks, paved surface-finished concrete parts store)

From 21.6.2010: Lining the walls of the finished plastic and wooden profiles

From 21.6.2010: Tapetovacie, painting and decorating work

From 21.6.2010: Laying interlocking pavers

From 21.6.2010: Demolition, demolition, site preparation, landscaping

From 21.6.2010: Implementation of thin-walled stierkovaním plasters

From 21.6.2010: Installation of partition walls and ceilings, dry zavesných technology of proprietary parts

From 21.6.2010: Lining the walls of the dry way


C.32.99: Other manufacturing n.e.c. [3]


36639: Manufacture of other products n.e.c.

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